About Us

Allow myself to introduce myself…

“Hi, I’m Virginia and I’m an addict. I’m a mild manner wanderer by day, and adventure addict by night” If it’s been a few days and I haven’t gone somewhere far enough away or high enough off the ground to lose all cell coverage for several hours at a time, I start to get the itch.

To some these are merely nice suggestions, to me they are guidelines for a good life. And since nature is too generous in her abundance of goodness to keep it all for myself, I have shared the need for my (at least once a week) adventure fix, with these two lovely ladies, my partners in crime.


Beth -she’s never met a rock, mushroom or bird she doesn’t like or can’t identify. Although she claims she would never leave the house if virginia didn’t make her, she’s always up for an adventure and has saved virginia from falling off a mountain, getting lost beyond hope of ever being found and getting bitten by a snake more times than we can count- and that’s just the outdoor saves! She’s the calm, level headed, thinking yin to virginia’s easily startled, throw caution to the wind, act first/think second yang- unless of course, the sunglass strangler has been spotted at Lindy point, then all bets are off.


Tammy- a self proclaimed map nerd, she makes being a map nerd cool. She has a serious case of wanderlust and no destination is too far away to travel. She claims to be a fair weather hiker, but she’s hiked in a full length parka in the winter and having been caught in more than one torrential downpour completely unprepared hasn’t scared her away either- she’s a lot tougher than she lets on. She prefers the company of nice bears, has usually eaten all her trail snacks in the car on the drive to the hike and can make up situational appropriate new lyrics on the spot to such classics as Will Smith’s “gettin’ jiggly with it” You can’t not have fun when Tammy’s along for the adventure.

Hope you’ll join us on our adventures!